How to Use All Your Psychological Functions at The Same Time

Our psychological functions are based on:

1. Thoughts
2. Feelings
3. Sensations
4. Intuition

We have only one psychological function completely developed in our human conscience, and another one half-developed. The two other psychological functions and the half of the psychological function not well-developed in our conscience belong to our anti-conscience, our absurd and evil primitive conscience.iso 45003

However, the truth is that our anti-conscience occupies the biggest part of our psyche because it influences our ego. Our tiny human conscience is only a spot. The analogy is not fair for us, the human beings concentrated into the human side of our conscience. We need help; our anti-conscience is quite stronger than us, the human beings existent in our human conscience.

We have to develop our human conscience and at the same time eliminate our anti-conscience by following the unconscious guidance in dreams. This is a process of consciousness that works on the psychological functions possessed by our anti-conscience, bringing them to the light of the conscious surface. This means that we finally understand this content, and we transform it in a positive way.

For example, if you belong to a psychological type based on thoughts, this means that the opposite psychological function to your main psychological function, which is based on feelings, is not working at all in your human conscience. You are a thinking robot. You have no human feelings.

This is why you are indifferent and cruel, without understanding how other people feel. However, this is something that your human conscience cannot admit because you have a selfish ego. You believe that you are right for being the way you are, and you don’t want to care about the importance of your feelings.

The unconscious mind helps you understand your psychological problems and the importance of goodness for your psychological health. You learn how to develop all your psychological functions based on sensitivity and wisdom.

This is how you definitively stop having psychological problems and you purify your spirit. You get rid of the evil influence of your satanic anti-conscience. The divine unconscious mind helps you transform the diabolic concepts of your wild conscience into positive thoughts that help you become more intelligent.

You learn how to develop your feelings. You become sensitive. You pay attention to the way you feel. You don’t try to ignore what you dislike. You are connected with your reality. You also can predict the future by reading the symbolic signs of your reality, which can be translated exactly like dreams.

This means that you develop all your psychological functions at the same time. You stop being one-sided. You learn how to give importance to all the components of your reality, and not only to the ones that your favorite psychological function prefers.

You also learn how to have an introverted and extroverted attitude in life. You stop being only introverted. You stop being a type interested in your own opinion about everything and nothing else.

You stop being only extroverted. You stop following the world’s opinion without criticizing anything. You understand that you must have your own philosophy of life.

The divine unconscious mind shows you in your own dreams how to fight what is evil and how to develop the positive characteristics of your personality. You get rid of your absurd anti-conscience, and you become a perfect human being.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the hum

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