Improve Your Golf Game With These 10 Power Words

It was Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” The wisdom of these words can be used to improve your golf game as well as your life.

The essential idea behind Ford’s wisdom is that the words we think and say have an affect on the outcome of our lives. When we think negative thoughts and use negative words, we get negative experiences. Likewise, when we think positive thoughts and use positive words, we tend to get positive experiences.

Many golfers don’t realize that this basic principle of thinking applies to their golf game just as it does to life. It is an essential tenet of the practice of mental golf. Basically, Golf Clash Hack consistent use of negative words and thoughts (both verbal and nonverbal) along the lines of “I can’t,” “I won’t,” or “I’ll never” are sure to result in a negative golf experience. In the same way, a more positive outcome is assured when the prevailing words and thoughts are along the lines of “I can” or “I will.” When a frustrated golfer is experiencing a game full of errant drives, missed putts, and even missed swings, it is certain that negative words are being thought and said that are essentially triggering the negative outcome.

In the book Hidden Language Codes by R. Neville Johnston, the author talks about the power words that improve our lives and serve us well and words that are disempowering and limiting to us. Johnston says that any word is like a “software package” by which we help to program our experience. Some words inspire hope and productivity while others instill fear and lack. The word “can’t,” for example, is the “poster child” for disempowerment. By using it, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Neville encourages people to choose their words with care. For a successful life, he stresses learning to use power words regularly and giving up the disempowering words that hold us back.

The idea of using words for success in life can be applied to golf. By changing our habits of word choice, we can take a step in helping to improve our game. We can start by monitoring our thoughts and speech and then start to replace negative or disempowering words with more positive power words. The more frequent use of these power words in our thoughts and speech can inspire more positive expectations and pleasing outcomes in our golf practices and games. We can continue the practice from there so that it becomes more consistent and natural.

A list of ten power words to help improve your golf game is provided to help you start the practice of integrating them into your speech. Sample phrases that incorporate these words are also included. Use these power words when you are thinking and speaking about the game before, during, and after your practice and play. Being half-hearted will only drain power from the words, so say them with conviction. With consistent practice and new positive habits of thinking, you will be mastering one of the core skills of mental golf. Combine this with consistent physical practice of your mechanical skills and you will be sure to see improvement in your game.

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