M65 Jacket: Protective Gear for All Seasons

Men in uniform have a certain kind of appeal that attracts women to them like bees to honey. There’s just something about a man in uniform that instantly catches the eye of any passer-by.

Perhaps it’s the macho appeal of military uniform that instantly transforms any man’s image into someone strong, reliable and confident. Now, you don’t have to be in the military in order to get this kind of effect from a military jacket.

With an m65 jacket that you can easily purchase from military surplus military jackets shops or menswear stores online and in outlets malls; you can exude the same kind of sex appeal that will have women giving you a second look.

Versatility of an M65 Jacket

The m65 jacket was designed for the military to help them fight-off the cold and the rain during their tour of duty. Extreme weather conditions can render them sick and helpless; hence; this jacket was created to give them warmth during cold weather and protection from the rain during the wet season.

There is a special lining to provide extra warmth to the wearer and the material of the jacket is water-proof to avoid getting soaked under the rain.

Manufacturers of this type of jacket have added special features to make it even more versatile. Hoods, detachable sleeves and lining, additional pockets and inner drawstrings are only some of the additional features now incorporated into these jackets for men.

The hoods can be folded and kept as well. This means that you can have a totally different look for your jacket during the different seasons of the year. If you wish to have protection during warm weather, you can simply stow away the hood, the lining and the sleeves.

For cold weather, you can put them all back in and what you have is instant cold weather protection.

Shopping For Your Jacket

If you wish to get a second-hand military jacket, you can find one in military surplus shops, as previously mentioned. But there are also now branded m65 jackets from some of the most popular designer brands in the market today.

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