Night Time Bed Wetting

Scientific name for night time bed wetting is nocturnal enuresis. It is normal for a baby to bed wet since it has not learnt to control its urges. But when a child above 5 years of age bed wets often, it is time for him to take treatment. 15% of children in the age group of 5 and 3% of teenager’s bed wet at night. The treatment taken for this problem is very effective and does not relapse in the future. Your child visit- may be in the habit of wetting his or her bed, but your treatment will help him get rid of this embarrassing habit.

Nocturnal enuresis can be classified into two types primary enuresis- here the child has never learnt to control his bladder at night. Secondary enuresis- here the child begins to bed wet after he had learnt to control his bladder at night. Secondary enuresis is mainly because of emotional stress due to bereavement, school tensions and arrival of a sibling. There are many reasons that lead to this problem. Although this problem seems to be a really big one, there are few small steps you need to take to get rid of these issues. It is important that you take these steps and help your kid get rid of this issue.

When urine in the bladder fills up and reaches beyond the point of control, the brain gives out signal. If the body does not react to these signals immediately, it results in bed wetting. This happens commonly when the child is asleep at night.

Some of the factors connected to night time betting wetting are:

1] Bladder size

2] Infection in the bladder

3] Constipation

4] Inability to sense

5] Intake of diet containing sweetness and artificial colors.

6] Social and psychological factors like immaturity and dependency

7] Over-sleeping

8] Drinking excess water.

9] Diabetes

10] Hereditary

Parents must try to understand and find the reason behind bed wetting and help the child to get rid of this stigma. Effective therapy or medication will help the child to overcome this in 8-12 weeks.

The shame attached behind night time bed wetting dissuades parents and children from consulting a doctor. The first step has to be taken soon after you have failed to cure it effectively and quickly through natural therapy. As a parent you need to note here that getting rid of this habit is important. You must not leave your child alone in this situation. It is more embarrassing for the child than it is to you. Thus keeping these factors in mind, it is important that you are always there for your kid. Help him or her get rid of this habit.