Something Different About Payday Loan Consolidation


Let’s say that you’ve graduated and now have a good job. You haven’t been burdening yourself with a lot of extra debt and your credit score has continually risen. At this point, if you are seeking private loan consolidation, you will very likely qualify for a much better rate.

Even if you wind up not being able to consolidate, you should try to negotiate with your current loan holders to see if they will lower your rate rather than lose you to another lender. (It doesn’t hurt to bluff a little in these negotiations as long as you keep everything truthful. Never lie, it could easily come back to bite you.)

Another option for consolidation, if you are fortunate enough to qualify, maybe a home equity loan. Even if the interest rate of your private educational loans is not that much more than that of an equity loan. Trading a variable rate loan for a longer-term fixed rate could be a huge advantage.

In general, you should not consider consolidating your federal student loans with private loans. It is wise to keep them separate simply because federal consolidation loans have better benefits and lower interest rates when combining federal student loans.

Here is a shortlist of some of the better known educational lenders who will consider consolidation of private educational loans. Be aware that here the interest rates are set by the lender here, not the government. There may also be fees for originating the loans. Be sure to ask whether the interest rate is fixed or variable, what fees there may be, and if you want to pay off early, are there prepayment penalties?

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